It came completely out of the blue. No heads up that there may be redundancies in the company. No warning to set the ground for potential job losses. No nothing.

I’ve lost my job a handful of times in my career, which I actually had to think about because I tend to push these unpleasant memories into the back of my mind. The first time was when I was freelancing at a London agency, mainly because I wasn’t doing the grunt work of an Account Executive when I was a Senior Account Manager…’far too lofty for that’ I thought in…

“It’s all psychological. You yell ‘barracuda!’, people are like ‘Huh?? What?? You yell ‘shark’ and we got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.”

Those familiar with the film that introduced the world to the concept of a ‘summer blockbuster’ will know that these words are spoken by Larry Vaughn, Mayor of Amity Island, the fictional summer town setting for ‘Jaws’. More than 40 years after it terrified cinema-goers, ‘Jaws’ remains a legendary piece of film storytelling. …

How ongoing perspective provides the strength to go on.

Sometimes it’s a tempting thought to see if I can ‘fly’. Jurassic Coast, Dorset.

Do you ever have those moments when you just want to sack it all off and wish you could magically transport yourself to another kind of existence altogether? You too, eh? Glad it’s not just me then. When this happens, I label it wanting to ‘step off’.

I used to want to step off the ride that was my life the whole time. I used to think about stepping off, permanently, every day. But that was a while ago and I’ve done lots of fucking hard work on myself and my…

A story about how doing nothing can actually be the best course of action.

Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in. Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

We live in a world where we want and get everything we could possibly wish for almost immediately. We want to get from A to B? We press a few buttons and an internally fragrant chariot arrives. We can’t be bothered to cook or prepare a meal and we summon a two-wheeled street warrior to zoom over with our dinner. We need some waterproof trousers for a potential very wet weekend in Wales, and a man in a van in a rush delivers a package with…

How pushing past your own expectations of self can instil great confidence.

My cousin and I after I ‘accidentally’ ran 10 miles.

I’ve been injured or ‘off-games’ for the past year or so with a chronic hip problem. In spite of various treatments and therapies, my left hip has been one stubborn bugger and has hindered me from doing, well most active things really. Actually, wait. That’s not entirely the truth. Being in PAIN every day has hindered me from exercising to the levels of intensity that I have trained to for extended periods of my life. At times, waking up with an aching and sore hip has made me…

Letting life wash over me on Anjuna Beach, Goa, India.

Back in December, I took myself off to India. Some people wondered and queried why I needed ‘another’ holiday, so soon after two-and-a-bit magical weeks in Mexico with my sisters. Yes, Mexico was great in many ways, creating memories to last a lifetime (a story for another post!) but I only fleetingly had any time for myself, let alone time to have a much-needed ponderous think about my life and take some real stock from the past two years that have passed since I returned to London from the desert.

I had in fact agreed to go to India last…

Finding the strength to stand on my own — Montana, US

There was a lot of media coverage in the UK press earlier this year about how more people should take pills to beat depression. This is a topic I know something about having been prescribed and taken Cipralex (Citalopram), one of the key anti-depressants covered in the media, for over three years. …

Tom Conway-Gordon

International PR Consultant; Writer.

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